That’s Nice: The Handpersand - Kyle Steed

That’s Nice: The Handpersand - Kyle Steed

Typographers, you will love this... Meet one of our Collective members Kyle Steed. Illustrator, typographer, mobile photographer and not to mention, Hue magazine contributor. He, along with his wife and daughter, make their home in Dallas, TX. 

'Designed and hand-made on my workbench in my garage deep in the heart of Texas. The Handpersand is created in the spirit of pushing my own creative boundaries. Sometimes the biggest obstacles standing in our way isn't whether or not we have the right tools, but our own imaginations.

The Handpersand features a truly unique hand-cut design, with a custom base for displaying on any stable surface. The wood is 100% pine hand-selected from my local hardware store. The piece is hand-painted by yours truly, featuring custom hand-drawn tattoo flash. The hand is always there waving to greet you in the morning, or to give you a high-five when you need one.'

The Handpersand is now available in Kyle's shop at:

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