That’s Nice: G.F Smith Rebrand by Made Thought

For the print designer, G.F Smith set the bar many years ago and now Made Thought, the design studio behind the identities of David Beckham, Ableton, Miami Design District and Adidas, have designed the new look of the world's most loved paper company.

The new identity is a refreshing comment both on the rich heritage of the company, but also looking towards its future by the introduction of the tagline '1855 Onwards'. Made Thought have introduced two new marks to replace the old mark depicting the motion of paper moving through a paper machine designed by SEA back in 2003.

Our thoughts: Although yet another ALL CAPPED widely kerned identity (we can't talk!) to add to this year's re-brands we rather like its simple 'Onwards' tag which I'm sure many other companies will begin to adopt in the following months. The history and foundation of a company is obviously important but is it ever as important as its current production standard or future goals? Made Thought have found a way of celebrating both in seven letters.

Follow G.F Smith on twitter @GFSmithpapers or Made Thought @made_thought

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