One to Watch: NotOnSunday - Limited Edition Print Publication 24/6

One to Watch: NotOnSunday - Limited Edition Print Publication 24/6

Creators of NotOnSundayMichael Willows and Wayne Trevor Townsend have released their first print publication – 24/6.  A beautiful book printed on GF Smith Colourplan and a series of limited edition screen prints. All of the profits from the book will go to the Olive Tree Praise Foundation and the work they are doing in Ghana. If you want to support this charity and get yourself a beautiful book head over to the NotOnSunday site and treat yourself.

As well as working with some incredible creatives in this project like Ranch Design, Jim WilliamsPaul Felton, and Hollie Brown, their aim is to help raise awareness for worthy causes across the world.

Two great guys, and creators of NotOnSunday, Mike and Trev, kindly gave up their time to anwer a few questions:

How and why did NotOnSunday come about and what is the concept all about?

NotOnSunday all started when Mike and myself were both becoming a little frustrated with jobs we had on at the time.  We both liked to do our bit for charity and thought it would be a good idea to merge design and charity together. The name NotOnSunday started when my wife asked if I had to work all the time and I told her, 'fine, I won't work on Sundays', Hence NotOnSunday. Mike really liked the name. It's a bit more interesting than trying to join our names together but not a massively exciting story I'm afraid. The 24/6 project derived from our name, it's simply all about giving one day back.

How did the two of you start working together?

We started working together at Staffordshire Uni and found we had the same passion and working ethic. What was really interesting, was the fact that we took completely different paths for our future. Mike has since go on to work in packaging design and i've gone further into brand and print. 

The book features poster designers from a number of different creatives including Paul Felton, Jim Williams and Hollie Brown. How did these collaborations come about?

We've been really lucky to work with a number of top creatives. Everyone we asked was more than keen to get involved, however unfortunately we had to narrow it down to 24 posters to tie in with the book title.

What made you pick the Olive Tree Praise Foundation? 

I've been out to Ghana on a couple of occasions and I got to see first hand what was needed. We've also picked up a lot of African work since we started NotOnSunday and we just thought it would be more exciting than maybe picking a local charity.   

How many books have you sold so far?

We had 500 printed by Identity Print, off the top of my head just over 300. The book launch itself sold 100 - 150 and since it's just been in small bulks. When the work gets posted on respected blogs we get a small wave of sales. We also decided to screen print a number of the posters which seem to have been more successful. The book is appreciated more when you hold it and see the different paper stocks, paper sizes and finishes. The photos just don't do it justice.

What is up your sleeves for the future on NotOnSunday?

Well, it's all just really started now. We both left our jobs recently so we could focus more on our own clients. We are in the process of updating our website and planning our next charity collaboration.2

Follow them on twitter @NotOnSunday.

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