Graduation Season: Don’t Freak Out

Graduation Season: Don’t Freak Out

This is it. If you're a student your final term is fast approaching. The degree show or final performance is hurtling towards you at incredible speed and if you're honest, you're starting to panic slightly.

Well each one of us on the Creative Arts Network team have been there. We all studied creative subjects at University- from Graphic Design to Dance. We've done final terms, we've done degree shows, we've built websites, put portfolios together, had countless industry interviews, worked freelance, worked agency-side... you get the idea. Over the next few months we're going to share our experience with you soon-to-be graduates, and hopefully help ease your transition from Uni into the real world.

To kick off here is are a few articles already on the site:

  1. Graduation Season: Building a strong online portfolio
  2. Graduation Season: Tips for the first time freelancer
  3. Graduation Season: Four things I wish I learnt at university

Keep an eye out for more upcoming articles for soon-to-be graduates!

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