Different: Street Life - Directed by Joe Chambers

Acting on Impulse is a charity set up in Manchester UK, in 2007, with an aim to give homeless and marginalised people a voice through film and theatre. Street Life, directed by Joe Chambers, worked with a group of underprivileged individuals from the local area of Salford, with real life stories and brought it alive through rap, film and theatre.

 ‘It's drama from the streets - as real as it gets.’ AOT, 2010

'This was a new challenge for the actors as the process was the most complex of any other projects. They had to learn rhythm as well as contribute story themes, create their own characters and learn the song. It involved a full day in a recording studio followed by 3 intensive days of filming. It was a great success with a live launch at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, an inspiring example how art can impact and change a whole community.'

Joe has directed a similar short film with school children as part of a mentoring project for aim higher: 'TA9 - Straight Outta Salford'. A farcical portrayal of school Salford life. Starring the Albion Year 9 lads of 2011.

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