Best of Collective: This Time - David Sorley

Best of Collective: This Time - David Sorley

​From time to time something hits the Collective floor that deserves a special mention. This weeks highlight comes from Leeds based creative director at Box-head, David Sorley.

Here is David’s description from his Collective profile which can be found at

Artwork for Bruno Merz Single release of ‘This Time’

Bruno really liked some leaf scans that I’d previously played around with. I suggested we reshoot the leaves and go for a photoshop free approach. I commissioned a printer to screen print some glass with some ‘new wave’ inspired typography. I then placed the glass over some pressed flowers, which I had borrowed from my 8 year old daughter (our first official collaboration).

The composition was lit from below with a makeshift lightbox and above with a single flash head. I really love the ‘imperfect’ flower pressings. Bruno felt it perfectly captured the sense of the song. The ‘This time’ type was added in photoshop. The background gradient was also accentuated digitally by adjusting the curve, again in photoshop.

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