Shop: Pre-Order Hue Magazine (£1.99 with Free P&P)

Shop: Pre-Order Hue Magazine (£1.99 with Free P&P)

‘Outset’, our pilot edition of Hue, explores the origin of ideas behind self-initiated works. Outset is a collection of articles, interviews and editorial comment from a diverse collection of handpicked creatives who represent a range of disciplines worldwide. All reflecting on the journey, delivery and the origin of ideas behind their own self-initiated works. 

Hue can be ordered in Spring direct from our online store for £3.99 + shipping (worldwide). Order now to be one of the first to receive your copy of the pilot edition of Hue. (Untill March 1st you can pre-order your copy of Hue for just £1.99 with free P&P at our 'Special Pre-Order Price')

Outset contributors include creatives representing a number of disciplines from across the world:

Creative Directors: Jesse Bryan - Belief Agency - Seattle, Washington, US (former Mars Hill creative director). Blaine Hogan – Willow Creek - South Barrington, Illinois, US. David Sorley – Boxhead – Leeds, UK. Designers: Luke Tonge - Life Agency – Birmingham, UK. Motion Designers: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada - Giant Ant - Vancouver, Canada. Illustrators: Kyle Steed – Freelance – Dallas, Texas, US. Photographers and Filmmakers: Jelani Pomell – Freelance – South London, UK. Ben Hodges – Freelance – Leeds, UK. Musicians: Jonathan Butler – Prize-Winning Cellist and founder of Impervious Studios – The Hague, Netherlands. Copywriters: Jake Johnson - Phinney Bischoff - Seattle, Washington, US (former partner at the creative agency, BAJI). Contemporary Dancers: Erena Bordon- Sanchez – Choreographer and founder of the Natashas Project – London, UK (article written by Sophie Lowen – London, UK).

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