Training: Photography Beginners Course Session One - Sold Out

Training: Photography Beginners Course Session One - Sold Out

We had a feeling that the course would be popular, but didn’t anticipate we would sell out completely in just a few weeks!

All 60 tickets at our first session on 16th April ‘Fundamentals: Exposure triangle’ have now been taken, but don’t worry if you were hoping to come along tickets are still available for the following two sessions:

Technique: How to shoot (April 23rd)
Knowing the exposure triangle is all very well, but it’s no use until you can put it into practice. Session two looks at how to put what you have learnt into everyday situations. You’ll learn other useful tips such as how to hold and control your camera, when to use the various settings and how to get the best shots in any given situation. You’ll also learn about camera care, tripods and other fun equipment you may want to experiment with.

Post Shoot: Editing and Viewing (April 30th)
Once you have a great shot, it is not much good until it is viewed. The last session will look at post shooting processes such as editing. We’ll look at when, how and why you should edit your photos as well as some practical demonstrations and examples of what you can do with basic editing tools. We’ll also discuss how your photos will be viewed whether it is via print or online.

The sessions are free and places are limited and will book up fast, so please book your free tickets online now.

Requirements: To get the most out of the course please bring your camera with you.

Click this link to book your tickets for each session.