Jobs & Opportunities: The Beginnings Exhibit - Exhibitors Needed

Jobs & Opportunities: The Beginnings Exhibit - Exhibitors Needed

Do you believe your work deserves more exposure than you are currently getting or does your freelance career need a bit of a kick start from some extra exposure? Here is your chance to feature a selection of your work alongside ten hand-picked creatives from a range of different mediums.

The large majority of solo exhibitions feature an artists work in ‘retrospect’. And of course that makes perfect sense for a curator. These exhibitions set out to celebrate the lifes work of a creative, gathering the highlights from careers which often span decades. The only problem is that the artist is often dead, retired or on a far off island in the sun, which means the exhibition loses that intimate quality. The exhibitions are curated by admirers or friends and family, rather than the artist themselves.

In October 2014 we will be hosting an exhibition not based on the ‘end’ of long careers, but of those right at the very beginning. Aptly titled ‘Beginnings’ we aim to showcase creatives right at the start of their journey. The ‘Beginnings’ exhibits are an opportunity to give recent graduates and those early in their careers some exposure as they ‘take their work public’, sometimes for the first time. The work will be presented in its rawest form by the creatives themselves,before the years of client briefs and the pressures of the creative industry take hold. They will control which of their works are exhibited and how the work is displayed giving them control over how the work is received and interacted with. We want to celebrate the creatives first passions, and desire to create the way they create.

Over the next few months we will be announcing ten hand-picked creatives to exhibit their work at the home of the Creative Arts Network in south east London, the New Community Centre.

Why Enter?

  • You will have the opportunity to feature in a mixed medium exhibition with ten creatives at the beginning of their journey.
  • You will gain exposure for your work.
  • One exhibitor will be awarded our 'Best New Creative' award and receive a one year free subscription to Creative Review .

If you want the chance to be one of the exhibitors then send us some examples of your work and a brief paragraph explaining why you should be selected (no more than 200 words) to [email protected].

To qualify to apply to be part of 'Beginnings', you need to fit into the below categories.

  • Currently be a student or be in your first three years after graduating.
  • Be able to guarantee five industry professionals attend the exhibition. (This is your chance to invite future employers/commissioners to see your work)
  • Be able to exhibit in South East London in October 2014

If you want the chance to be one of the exhibitors, send us some examples of your work and a brief paragraph of no more than 200 words to [email protected].

  • Photography Credit: CC - Flickr: Susan Sermoneta