Meet-Up: New Meet-Up groups in Leeds & The Netherlands

Meet-Up: New Meet-Up groups in Leeds & The Netherlands

Meetup is a website which enables groups of people who have never met to join an online community based around similar interests. But as the name of the site suggests, it's not just about gathering people together virtually; these groups attend and host events and actually meet the people they've 'met' online.

Here at the Creative Arts Network we don't want our community to be solely a virtual one, so we've formed Meetup groups to get creatives networking face-to-face. It all started with the London based meetup - which last year organised around 9 meetups with almost 200 members; including trips to galleries, open submission exhibitions hosted by the Network, workshops and training sessions.

Recently we launched a meetup group in Leeds, headed up by Ben Hodges (check out his Collective profile here). Their first event in Leeds was last week, it gathered creatives from across all sorts of disciplines and was a great success - they're looking forward to more in the future. If you live in or near Leeds why not join the Meetup group online

Now the time has come to make the Creative Arts Network Meetups truly international; we've launched a group in The Hague. Run by Jonathan Butler, the group is our first outside of the UK, which is very exciting! If you're a creative living in The Hague, sign up online to keep up to date with all that's going on there. They've just announced tehir first event - a visit to a Mondian and Cubism exhibit, which promises to be a great day.

And if you don't live in LondonLeeds or The Hague? Well we're looking to expand our Meetup network and we're looking for the right people and places to run groups throughout the world! If you'd like a Meetup group in your area or would like to be involved in running one, please drop me a line.

  • Image Credit: Eric Schrijver - Opening of the DCR arts initiative in the Hague—the new home of the Zeebelt