Jobs & Opportunities: Intern at the Creative Arts Network

Jobs & Opportunities: Intern at the Creative Arts Network

For the last few hundred years the contemporary art of the day was hugely inspired by ‘religion’. The Church was a hub of creativity and a centrepiece of inspiration. More paintings have been made of Jesus and more songs have been sung about him than any other man in history. However, fast forward to today and life looks very different.

The Creative Arts Network want to explore the ‘bit in the middle’ where the church and creativity meet. In short, it’s a collective of creative people celebrating creativity. Our aim is to serve, showcase and train creatives, raising their employability prospects by hosting exhibitions, workshops and training courses.

We are looking for an intern to work along side the editor Chris Smyth and be based in Sidcup, South East London. Internship length can be tailored to individual. 

The ideal student would have experience with Adobe Illustrator/InDesign, and a BA Honours degree in the arts. (In special circumstances we will consider applicants before university)

What will you do?

Experience working in every part of the Network from promotion and marketing, to setting up and hosting exhibitions, events and workshops.

What will you be involved in?

    •    Planning, promoting and hosting exhibitions

    •    Involved in the design and production of Hue Magazine

    •    Involved in the CAN events/Meet-ups

    •    Planning, promoting and hosting community workshops

    •    Overseeing Collective Applications/Members

    •    Interviewing Creatives

    •    E-commerce deliveries

Interested get in touch: [email protected]

Image credit: Giles Smith. See more of his work at, follow him on twitter @giloscope or visit his Collective profile.