Exhibition: Clym Smith ‘Beginnings’ - 02.11.13

Exhibition: Clym Smith ‘Beginnings’ - 02.11.13

​The large majority of solo exhibitions feature an artists work in ‘retrospect’. And of course that makes perfect sense for a curator. These exhibitions set out to celebrate the life’s work of a creative, gathering the highlights from careers which often span decades. The only thing missing is the artist, often dead or retired on a far off island in the sun losing any intimacy to the exhibition. The exhibitions are curated by admirers or friends and family rather than the artist themselves.

Over the next few years we will be hosting a series of exhibitions, not based on the ‘end’ of long careers, but of those right at the very beginning. Aptly entitled ‘Beginnings’ we aim to showcase creatives right at the start of their journey. The ‘Beginnings’ exhibits are an opportunity to give recent graduates and those early in their careers some early exposure as they ‘take their work public’, sometimes for the first time. The work will be presented in its rawest form, before years of client briefs and the pressures of the creative industry, by the creative themselves. They will control what works are exhibited and how the work is displayed giving them control over how the work is received and interacted with. We want to celebrate the creatives first passions, and desire to create the way they create.

On 2nd November 2013, we will be hosting our first ‘Beginnings’ Exhibition, featuring the work of south east London based illustrator Clym Smith. Although graduating from Ravensbourne College in London in 3D modelling, Clym’s body of work is now largely expressed as an illustrator. His editorial style naturally lends itself to the children’s book market but there is something beautiful about his mark making approach which will open up doors into a number of sectors in the future.

We are thrilled to be launching ‘Beginnings’ with Clym Smith and hope you will join us at the Private View on 2nd November at 20:00 at the home of the Creative Arts Network: New Community Centre, 24 Station Road, Sidcup, DA15 7DU.

  • Photography credit: Josh Hailes