Events: The Natasha’s Project Launch Night Highlights

Events: The Natasha’s Project Launch Night Highlights

Late 2013 we had the privilege of hosting the premier and launch night of contemporary dance company and soon to be charity The Natashas Project.

Natashas, The dance production itself was a powerful 18 minute emotional journey into the increasingly tragic journey of a girl being human trafficked in sex slavery, choreographed by founder of the project Erena Bordon Sanchez. 

The evening featured a range of performing artists from a variety of disciplines, an art exhibition and silent auction, all to raise awareness of an issue regularly ignored. Taking into account all that is happening currently on our news screens, this piece tackles a problem that is destroying lives today.

For more information about The Natashas Project, and how you can get involved to help in the battle against human trafficking in sex slavery check them out online or get your hands on a copy of our pilot edition of Hue magazine.

Missed the launch night? Here are some shots from the night.

  • Video - Josh Hales
  • Photography - Josh Hales & Daniel Bradley