Competitions: Hue Magazine Cover Artwork illustration - Enter Now

Competitions: Hue Magazine Cover Artwork illustration - Enter Now

In a few months we will be launching the second edition of our large format newsprint magazine: Hue. (Order info coming soon) Check out our first issue: Outset.

‘Motive’ is the second issue of Hue Magazine. This issue aims to explore the origin of motivation behind creatives working in the industry.

Through the words and works of 12 creative studios and freelancers all over the globe, we set out to explore what factors begin our journey into our chosen creative discipline; what sustains us in the workplace and what it is that drives us to keep producing.

We are offering illustrators all over the world the chance to have their work feature on the front cover by creating artwork inspired by the theme 'Motive'. Three entries will be selected by the Creative Arts Network Team, which will then be entered into a public vote starting on 2nd April 2015. The piece with the most votes will be selected to be used as the 'Motive' cover artwork and the two runner up entries will be featured inside the magazine and online.

Want to enter? Here is all you need to know:

  1. Theme: Motive (What is it that motivates a creative?)
  2. Deadline: The artwork deadline is 1st April 2015.
  3. Format: Artwork should be submitted as a vector to [email protected]
  4. Size: A2 - Artwork needs to work with cover title and issue info. Use the artwork template available to download here.
  5. Colour Pallet: Utilise our brand colour pallet of the colours found on our site. Details of them are below:

Red: #F07277 Green: #A6D5A6 Blue: #5E75B7 Yellow: #FBE964 Grey: #3A3B3C Light Grey: #F5F6F7

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your submissions!