Featured: Silent Transitions - Salomon Ligthelm

Let me introduce you to Ligthelm. A creative initiative formed by Salomon Ligthelm with a large focus on film, sound design and other various disciplines.

Vimeo Staff Picks is a great place to find new and exciting work which is exactly where we came across this piece: Silent Transitions.

Stirred by images of a busy New York city landscape, Salomon was inspired by the concept of ‘silence’ and the need for man to find moments of silence and rest in a busy world. The piece was largely inspired by two short pieces of writing in the Bible: 2 Samuel 22:20 and Psalm 46:10: ‘The idea evolved with time and I started thinking of more creative ways to illustrate or compare this ‘noisy’ life with the silence - the moment in which we can be still and know that He is God.’


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