Review: Paul Klee Exhibition Making Visible - Tate

Review: Paul Klee Exhibition Making Visible - Tate

Our latest meetup was a trip to the Tate's amazing retrospective of Paul Klee's work. The massive installation was very popular; perhaps because it was a rainy day, but more likely due to the excellence of the work on show and how it had been curated. It is described by Waldemar Januszczak (The Sunday Times) as the 'definitive Klee exhibition,' and I would have to agree. 

The exhibit offers an amazing opportunity to walk through Klee's life and read about contextual influences, whilst experiencing his paintings first-hand. I was struck again and again with just how different it is seeing a painting in reality, to seeing a printed reproduction - however high-quality.

The main chunk of the work on show is from the decade Klee spent teaching at the Bauhaus; the world-famous school founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar. Geometric and colourful, playful and inventive, the paintings are grouped together in the way Klee intended, which makes the exhibition even more of a delight.

Klee was known as one of the innovators of his time, and this show is a must if you have any interest in understanding the motivations behind his experimentation, or seeing his development as an artist across a life-time. In the words of one Meetup attendee, 'his work is always very inspirational.' Klee's desire to push the boundaries and experiment with techniques continued into the final years of his life, even though he suffered with terrible illness, meaning that each of the 17 rooms of this exhibit have a different and exciting story to tell. You leave with a better sense not only of Klee's work, but of him as a person.

If you missed the meetup you can still visit the show, more details below:

Tate Modern: Exhibition
16 October 2013 – 9 March 2014
Adult £16.50 (without donation £15.00)
Concession £14.50 (without donation £13.10)

  • All images copyright: Paul Klee
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