Review: Serena Dalton’s new EP ‘Giant Heart’

Introducing Serena Dalton who not so long ago released a 6 track EP titled Giant Heart. Serena, also proves that she too has a giant heart as all of the proceeds of her new EP are going to a deserving cause; Remember The Children - House of Hope, find out more here. Serena has a real passion for Romania, and the Romanian community residing in London, who are often in a catch 22 situation of homelessness and unemployment.

Giant Heart has influences from folk musicians such as Gabrielle Aplin and Birdy, and these certainly come through in the EP, yet saying that, Serena has fostered and created her own unique sound. The six tracks are based on personal experiences and God's responses. Listening from start to finish, I can find myself resonating with each individual track on the EP which is often hard to come by in todays musical offerings and it’s certainly refreshing. One of the things that I love that Serena has done in this EP is that anyone can identify with the songs, whether Christian or not, it’s not too in your face. My personal favourite is the track titled Burdens, Serena’s silky voice enunciates a very true and common conversation I find myself having with God, the track is nothing short of perfection. You can have a listen and buy the EP here.

Twitter: @serenamusic_


You can see Serena live as well as some other very talented musicians. Hit up the event page for more details here - it shall be an awesome night of live music!

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