People: One Minute with Seattle based photographer Jesse Rogers

People: One Minute with Seattle based photographer Jesse Rogers

Name: Jesse Rogers
Creative Medium: Photography & Design
Portfolio URL: Twitter: @jesserogers

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work. I'm a professional photographer and graphic designer from Seattle, WA. I balance my time between my job as a creative director for a software company, and freelance design and photography for my own clients. I'm best known for shooting on-location studio portraits of the homeless of Seattle, and quoting Kanye West and 1980's films whenever possible. I'm 22 years old, and I have the cutest cat of all time.

If your portfolio could speak what would it say? "EAT... MY... SHORTS!" No, wait, that was Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.

My portfolio would probably give a startled look at first, and then say something a little more profound than you'd first expect. At least, that's been my experience when shooting with my street subjects. I like to think that my portrait work bridges the gap between the subject and the viewer. I want my viewers to be able to know more about the subject than what he or she looks like. Though, my design work might say something more like John Bender.

What makes you different from other creatives? I'd like to think I'm different than most creatives, but we all have so much in common. I'm probably different because I like coffee, wear tight jeans, have long hair, and wear glasses a lot. Wait. If anything about me is "different," maybe it's that I do both photography and design at an equally professional level. I think most people who do both do one as more of a hobby, but they're pretty neck-and-neck for me, career wise.

Who has been your greatest influences? The biggest influences for me as a photographer have been Yousef Karsh, John Keatley, Joey L., and F. Scott Schafer. As a designer, I really like Glenn Thomas and Riley Cran right now. I don't have as many, strong influences as a designer — I just take inspiration from whatever I'm seeing around, and what looks good to me that month.

What does your workspace/studio look-like? My studio is usually on a mountain, downtown Seattle, or wherever the client chooses. My workspaces in my home and at my office are pretty clean and minimal, or at least I try to keep it that way. 


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