People: One Minute with our new intern Hannah Vandervennin

People: One Minute with our new intern Hannah Vandervennin

Hannah, welcome to the team! We hope you are enjoying your first few weeks with the Creative Arts Network. To help everyone get to know you we have put together a few questons for you. Your 60 seconds start now...

Descibe yourself in a nutshell:

Passionate, blonde (literally and mentally), lover of life. oh and Jesus.

Why are you interning at Creative Arts Network?

You know when you see something that you haven’t seen done before and it immediately captivates you? I kind of got that feeling when finding out about the Creative Arts Network, which was followed by a sense of admiration for its vision. It got me excited and wanted to see if I could contribute, and of course, learn and further my skills!

Are there any creatives you recommend checking out?

I’m a lover of good vibes and bright colours, and Emily Coxhead pretty much embodies that. She’s a freelance designer/photographer from Manchester and is about to start something pretty awesome which you can check out here.

Another one I’m a bit obsessed about is Camille Walala. Other than her name being pretty fabulous, her work is bomb too. She’s a graphic artist and mainly works with bright and bold colours and patterns with a certain 80’s feel to it. I’ve been lusting over her work for the last couple of months, and really want her to paint my house with her Walala spirit! Check her insta, its amaze @camillewalala.

What do you hope to learn this year?

I think the main thing I want to learn is just hands on practical experience and to build my confidence in design suites. I’ve been learning and studying Media Communications at Sussex Uni for the last 3 years, so really want to put everything I’ve learnt into practice and see where that takes me!

What do you think will be your greatest challenges?

I’m too cautious, I think thats what I’ve learnt over the few weeks that I’ve been here. I need to do what is asked of me and be confident in what I’ve delivered. So I need to learn not to hold back and give it everything, step out of my comfort zone I think which is crucial in a creative setting!

What are you looking forward to this year?

I just can’t wait to get out there and find other great creatives to add to our collective! There’s so much talent, especially in the area of South-East London, we’re only a stone throw away to specialised creative colleges budding with new talent. Also so excited to get to see some exhibitions, and obviously hosting our very own exhibition later in this year!

Thanks Hannah! Welcome to the team!

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