People: One Minute with designer and musician Jonathan Ogden

People: One Minute with designer and musician Jonathan Ogden

Name: Jonathan Ogden

Creative Medium: Graphic / Web Designer and Musician

Portfolio: / 
Twitter: @ogvidius / @riversandrobots

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work:
I'm a mostly self-taught designer from Manchester UK and I work full time as a web designer for a charity called The Message Trust, which I've been doing for 3 years. Outside of work time I play in an band called Rivers & Robots and do bits of design for myself and friends.

Who have been your greatest influences?
I don't really see specific people as influences, I feel like I create this sort of idea bank in my mind of what looks nice, and that inspires what I make. I often spot things around and appreciate the beauty in design and music, whether it's outside, on a blog, at a gig. I think everything I appreciate develops my visual and musical taste, and then when I come to create things, it's birthed out of that developed taste, some weird collage of everything I've seen, heard and enjoyed.

What does your workspace / studio look like?
Pretty mundane to be honest. There's a desk, a computer and always a cup of tea within reach. I keep a lot of books around my desk at work for inspiration, but at home I just work on my laptop, so I'll just take that and sit wherever looks comfiest!

Check out some of Jonathan's work below:

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