People: One Minute with digital designer Antony Kitson

People: One Minute with digital designer Antony Kitson

Name: Antony Kitson

Creative Medium: Digital Design


Twitter: @oneteneleven

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work:

I am a freelance digital designer and founder of OneTenEleven Media based in Leeds. I freelance in-house and remotely for design agencies and production companies across the UK. My work is a mixture of corporate branding work, arts/entertainment clients and experiential personal projects.

Recently I have been driving the studio towards Motion Graphics, so expect a showreel soon! 

If your portfolio could speak what would it say?

Bold, Typographic, Experimental

What makes you different from other creatives?

Flexibility. I have a range of skill sets and interests and like to experiment with different media, technologies and techniques. Some may say you should specialise in one area but I like to be diverse. Many software skills are shared between applications anyway so why stick to just one? Whatever media I always try and approach each project with my own unique direction. 

Who has been your greatest influences?

Agencies such as Bibliothèque, Spin, TDR, Universal Everything, Build, UVA, Field, Dixon Baxi, Serial Cut and Man vs Machine are all a huge inspiration with a diversity of creative output I strive towards.

What does your workspace/studio look-like?

I work from my home studio 80% of the time. So I surround myself with prints, design books and music. In fact my vinyl collection takes up most of my workspace! I am considering a move to a shared studio next year, mainly for the social aspect.

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