People: One Minute with contemporary dancer Sophie Lowen

People: One Minute with contemporary dancer Sophie Lowen

Name: Sophie Lowen

Creative Medium: Contemporary dance


Tell us a little about your and your work: I am a multi-disciplinary movement artist, who has worked with a wide variety of artists over a broad array of mediums. As a freelance dancer, I have had the privilege of dancing with a Hip-Hop company, Rebirth, and have spent my time after University getting involved with smaller projects and teaching. I love collaborating with other artists, and uncovering their ideas through the medium of dance. I have worked with videographers, photographers, spoken word artists, visual fine artists and musicians etc. Feeding off other artists, learning different ways of seeing a concept and building relationships is what draws me into a project, the outcome really interests me.

Having worked a lot with musicians, and being a cellist myself, we are never limited to our own creative circle, mine for example, being dance. Branching out and always seeking new ways to not only move but 'be creative' is how I continue with my practise. Another side of my work would be community projects and outreach. I love young people, and seeing how they interact with dance and feed off the challenges set before them fascinates me. Dance therapy has always been a huge interest, and something I have touched on during my recent visit to Bangladesh, potentially a new avenue of my practice that I would like to explore.  

If your portfolio could speak what would it say? As a dancer, our portfolios are not really the end product. Therefore, if you asked me 'if your dance could speak, what would it say', then I would tell you that it changes from project to project and if it's not documented (film, hoto...etc.) that does not mean it has not spoken once upon a time. Furthermore, like every artist, but more so with a dancer, we are trained to adapt to new choreographers and never stop learning. I guess my portfolio is trying to say...

'This is Sophie Lowen' 

What makes you different from other creatives? I don't like to restrict myself to a particular style of project. I've got quite a lot of interests surrounding contemporary dance, not necessarily always focused on performing and I am happy to take on board others projects. I am really open and willing to work with a large range of people. I once did a project dancing with my cello...I can't say I've seen that done before!

Who has been your greatest influences?

As a dancer, I would have to say my peers, those who I have trained with. The range of characters, motives and abilities of friends around me has always motivated and challenged me, moulding me into the dancer I am today.
As a creative, believing in God has had the biggest influence on my life and my work. Just the endless creativity that stems from the Bible and how having faith can challenge, inspire and question your creative practice, is very exciting.

What does your workspace/studio look-like? It looks like a bedroom, an abandoned warehouse, a car park, a mirrored room with sprung floor, in the wings of a stage etc...basically anywhere and everywhere you can find a bit of space to move around in.

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