People: Interview with recent graduate graphic designer Sanju Karmacharya

People: Interview with recent graduate graphic designer Sanju Karmacharya

Name: Sanju Karmacharya

Creative Medium: Graphic Design

Portfolio URL:

Sanju, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Birmingham. I'm married to a beautiful and intelligent wife called Emily and also father of two adorable children, Grace and Caleb. I have recently graduated in Interactive and Visual Design and looking to get into the industry to grow even more in this gift. I'm very passionate about all areas of graphic design, however, I love the presence of minimalist designs because it is sharp, clean and its main focus is on the content instead of heavy design effects. Basically, it does as the name suggests by keeping it simple.
Beside work, I love going to the pub with mates and enjoy Ale. Recently, I have joined a Christian artists group called Sputnik (website link:

Where do you think your passion for graphic design came from?

I started designing as a hobby for a Youth group in a local church, which I had volunteered in the past, that's when I discovered I had a natural flare for design. Personally, I believe each gift is given by God and that makes me who I am. So I took initiative to study graphic design to further advance my talent. And while studying, I came across many designers and their works have influenced me, which grew my passion even more than before.

If your portfolio could speak what would it say?

Less is more.

Can you explain the brief behind your latest project ‘Before Universe’ and how you came to respond to that brief?

The aim of 'Before Universe' brief was to attempt to tackle the origins of life itself by creating visuals that explore what existed before the universe. I had freedom to choose to explore through either philosophical theory, scientific theory or religious texts. I chose Biblical texts as my narrative simply because I personally believe in it. Then I made a decision to be imaginative and create a poster that is clean, crisp, simple yet coming from depth complexity. I responded this brief by combining my narrative in photographic artwork intermingled with typography and geometrical shapes to give the presence of the surface of the deep, formless and void and the Spirit's power was hovering over the face of the waters, as a creating activity and the same time, protective.

Who has been your biggest creative influence?

I had a wonderful privilege to work with fantastic creative directors during my university, who have encouraged and supported me. Working on student brief, I was very encouraged by designers/designs like Dieter Rams, Paul Rand, Bauhaus and Swiss style designs etc. I came to love their vision of designing simple, from a depth complexity. My works are nothing but overflow of their influences.

If you could quiz a famous creative, who would it be and why?

I would ask Bauhaus, “What was your reason behind using colours red, blue, and yellow alongside different geometrical shapes”? I wanted to know the their theory behind presenting them in that way.

What can we expect to see from you in the final months of 2015?

Recently I have started working on visuals to present Biblical phrases, doctrines in simple shapes. I intend to create zine, posters and potentially printed T shirts. So that's my aim for now to finish by 2015.

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