People: Interview with producer & songwriter Perendiz

People: Interview with producer & songwriter Perendiz

Name: Perendiz

Website: Twitter: @perendiz

Tell us a bit about what you do? I’m a Producer/Songwriter from Manchester, originally from California. I have three main roles that I work in, firstly for an artist development company; writing, developing and producing for upcoming artists. Currently I’m working for five artists across the UK. It’s through this I met Rupali (Vocalist/Writer) whom is the other half in Explosions of Colour.

Secondly I work for The Chapel Records doing the same things for artists but with church music as our focus. We currently have three artists I’m working with, Explosions of Colour being one of them.

Thirdly I’m also working on a solo Perendiz release for later this year, which will feature some of the artists I’ve been working with and some new ones. 

How did you get to be doing what you are today? Growing up, my father was always into music and playing guitar so I naturally gained interest from him. Picked the guitar up at 12, wrote my first song and haven’t stopped. Between 12 and 18 years old I wrote hundreds of songs and started recording my own stuff on Cakewalk when I was 14. I released three EP’s, all of which have thankfully been hidden from the world, but I never stopped trying to better myself. At 18 I got accepted to Nexus Music Academy to study guitar and then onto Coventry University to study Music Composition.

You've just released an EP of songs that you wrote and produced, can you tell us about that? Back in 2010 I met Tim Simmonds from Christ Church Manchester. We bonded over music, for us the church has constantly been behind the times in genre, which fuelled the beginning of The Chapel Records. We started to experiment at church with different sounds and genres; some of which really worked and some of which didn’t. In 2013 Rupali and myself got together to start writing demos not knowing what initial genre we would end up on. From here Explosions of Colour was born and we released 'ONE,' the first of many EP’s exploring different themes and genres. We decided a grunge/rock vibe worked best for the first EP as it clicked with the songs we were writing. We chose to do three originals and one cover, hoping that it would ease people into our vision of growing the church music scene.

We’ve just released a one off cover of '10,000 Reasons' by Matt Redman, which has an indie math pop vibe. We have just started working on the second EP, which we're very excited about. We have five tracks so far and we’re going for an opposite vibe from the first EP; this one will be more chilled, using samples and beats instead of real drums, and taking inspiration from the The XX and Beyoncé’s new stuff - so we're super excited.

You work with a variety of different musicians - how do their musical styles impact your process of producing? Working with a variety of people keeps my music fresh, so I try and fill my weeks with a diverse group of people and projects; I try never to work with more then one artist in the same style or genre at one time. Knowing a vast variety of artists and being able to work with them on a weekly basis allows me to learn from their genres and take the best from each.    

What/ who inspires you? My main inspiration is Kanye West. By far he is my favourite Producer/Writer. He keeps reinventing the game without ever losing his edge, which is inspiring. Vocally I’m inspired by singers like Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Jamie Lenman from Reuben. Weezer’s ‘Blue’ album from '94 is still on repeat for me. The sounds they get from the guitars have inspired so much of my playing.

What's the best gig you've ever been to and why? The best gig I’ve ever been to is a toss up between Kanye West and Jay Z on their Watch The Throne tour, and Jamie Lenman - both being complete opposites. I think the first had around 5,000 plus people and Jamie had about 100, but both were magical. I guess for me a gig has never been just about how well they play but equally about how they hold a crowd.

What does a typical day look like for you? Start at 9am usually listen to a few tracks to get my mind going then work on a track for an artist. Go until lunch then break, watch some music videos or listen to some music, and then work on another track either recording vocals or producing – I always encourage the artists to be involved so that we can fully collaborate together. I try to keep myself creatively full at all times by devouring lots of new music and being open to new ideas.

What advice would you give to aspiring music producers? Know what you want to do and when you know work hard, and then work harder. I’m still a small fish, but I’ve gotten to where I’m at by connecting with the right people, because I know what I want and I keep people interested in me because I work my butt off.

  • Audio credit: Thisisjamison - Till The World Ends (Perendiz Remix)
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