People: Interview with Becky Green - ‘Years by Heir Kickstarter’

Becky, give us a little run down about who you are and what you do?

Hello! I live in Bath with my husband Ed, and our four sweet and energetic children. I’m also a musician, and I’m passionate about making creative, inspiring, and honest music. I’ve been playing the piano and writing my own songs since the age of four and it’s always been how I express all that’s going on in life. I recorded my debut album, ‘All About Everything’ in 2008, and a second album ‘The Searching’ in 2011. I’m currently working on new songs with my band and we’ve got some cool gigs lined up for next year.

For those who don't know, can you introduce your new project Years?

'Years' is an instrumental album; the first instalment in the 'Heir' series of collaborations. It is a joint effort by myself and Pete Coggan. It is going to be full to the brim of emotive, spacious, and beautiful music. We want it to be like a soundtrack, enabling people just to get lost in the music.

Where did the inspiration behind the making of Years come from?

We chewed on a few different ideas for themes for this album and we settled on ‘Years’, finding that it was just the perfect fit. We wanted to create beautiful music describing the beauty & safety of home as a constant over the years. Home is where the heart is. It's physical location may change, and the people around us may come and go throughout our lives, but ultimately we all deserve to have a place that we can call home, where we are free to be exactly who we are made to be. During this past year my Dad died, and for me, this project has provided the most amazing opportunity to be able to express through music, my thankfulness for him and the joy that he brought to me in my life, as well as my sense of loss now that he’s gone, and the daily struggle of carrying that grief around with me. It’s been a really important process for me personally, and I hope that others might be able to catch some of that when they listen to this album, and perhaps it might be able to help them through difficult times too.

We’re also big fans of Pete Coggan’s EP here at the Creative Arts Network, what was it like to collaborate with him on this project?

Pete contacted me in the spring of this year inviting me to join him in this project and I simply couldn’t resist! We have always been encouragers of each other’s musical ventures and it has been so fun to finally be able to work together on a project. I so admire Pete and all that he’s doing creatively, and it has felt like a huge privilege to work with him throughout this process. He is a really genuine, humble, and kind guy and just so talented!

If you could sum up the music in three words…

Cinematic. Emotive. Spacious. 

Congratulations on the success of the projects kickstarter campaign so far, you have 4 amount of days left, what would you say to people out there considering backing the project?

Don’t be shy! We hope that it will be a joy for those people who have chosen to back this project. They really are part of it, joining with us to create something special.

Jump over to Kickstarter and let's make this project happen! (Be quick though as there are only four days left!)

Photography by Flora Westbrook.

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