People: One Minute with The Fox and King

​Name: The Fox And King (Glenn Thomas)

Creative Medium: Illustration, Design & Animation


Twitter: @thefoxandking

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work: I’m a self-taught pixel pusher from Melbourne, Australia who spends a little too much time watching Basketball and probably not enough honing my skills. I like to try and tell stories in my work (even if they’re only ever in my head) and always find myself going back to the mid-century for my inspiration (both for it’s retro sci-fi looks and minimalist approach).

If your portfolio could speak what would it say? It would talk your ear off about intelligent, dark Sci-Fi and Fantasty films/literature. It would talk endlessly about whimsical stories that are darker than they first appear.

What makes you different from other creatives? Probably not very much at all. I love and draw inspiration from film, music, video games, obsess over basketball, drink too much coffee and eat burgers at a brisk pace. In terms of work, perhaps jumping from illustration to animation could be seen as a difference maker.

Who has been your greatest influences? I draw influence and inspiration from a lot of areas, but would need to give huge credit to Shag, for which if I didn’t see his work in my early twenties I probably never would have become interested in Illustration.

London: Glenn Thomas

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