One Minute with photographer Abigayle Libberton

One Minute with photographer Abigayle Libberton

Creative Medium: Photography
Portfolio URL:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work: My work explores humanity through visual language. Utilising the body as a sculpture and objects as metaphors, my work aims to expose the futuristic devolving of mankind's cognitive functions. Primarily using photography to captivate unique concepts and aesthetically engaging works which are inspired by undisclosed politics, the environment and equality. Through a creative process I examine how fickle trends, advances in technology and media misrepresentations distance us from our innovative maverick human instincts and self-supporting demeanours. 

If your portfolio could speak what would it say? 

Look, think, look, think, now look again. 

What makes you different from other creatives?
I feel that aesthetically, work will never be completely unique but what makes me different from other creatives is that my aim is not to create projects which revolve solely around the needs and wants of the industry and audience, although i do take this into consideration, my personal intention is to create art which visually interesting that stimulates the mind of the viewer and leads them to having their own in mind epiphany. Leading the viewer to not only think differently about the work but hopefully influences a more knowledgable and independent way of living.

Who has been your greatest influences?
I feel that there are many artists which have inspired me through out many creative processes whether that be technically or conceptually but i feel for me personally the media, people and life inspire me.

What does your workspace/studio look-like?
If i could sum up my work space for you i would have to say Messy, Bright and Busy. 


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