People: One Minute with Lorraine Liu - SpiroDance Company

People: One Minute with Lorraine Liu - SpiroDance Company

Name: Lorraine Liu


Tell us a bit about you and your work: I have always loved to dance. I grew up doing ballet but eventually I wanted to learn every style. I still cannot choose a favorite as I love all the different styles of dance and being able to express myself through them. I never thought I would continue dancing after secondary school. Not until I graduated from Uni in Psychology and Family Studies my passion to use dance to serve God suddenly grew. One thing led to another God brought dance back into my life and brought me here to London. I love what I am doing now and what I am able to do with dance.

What makes you different from other creatives? Hmmm what makes me different...I didn't grow up dreaming of becoming a dancer and I never went to dance school like everyone else. I think it was because I never thought it was possible. I knew from a very young age I was probably too short to be in a ballet company and I never thought I was good enough. After Uni, I  thought it was too late to start training professionally at the age of 23, but what I've learned is that nothing is impossible. If there is a will there is a way. 

Who/what are your greatest influences? My greatest influences would be all my teachers and friends who are passionate about what they do. One of them who used to teach me and is now a really good friend of mine, taught me so much about what dance is. Her love, her passion and her drive for dance really encouraged me to keep pursuing a dream I thought was impossible. 

I understand you are working on your first piece with your company ‘Just Breathe’. Can you tell me a bit more about that? ‘Just Breathe’ was originally choreographed when I was in Elevate Dance Company. During our two week exchange with Ad Deum in Texas, I got inspired by one of the teachers who told us about the importance of stillness in dance. It really spoke to me as I can relate it to my own life. I find it so hard to stop and be still, yet those moments are what really matter. Especially living as a Christian, it’s not about how much we can do, but what God really wants is for us to be still and be with Him. I had the privilege to work with an award winning spoken word artist from Toronto Canada, Christopher Tse, @christse who wrote this beautiful text for the piece. It gave me a lot of inspiration while I was choreographing for ‘Just Breathe’. 

You mentioned using spoken word, and I understand you have an interest in putting together film for dance. How do you make this work? Since working on Just Breathe I've always had a vision of getting it filmed. Having seen the impact it has on people, I hope to use different media to reach more individuals. People who might not necessarily go watch a dance performance but might spend five minutes watching a clip which can be equally powerful. We are created with different senses and I am intrigued in how I can use different media to enhance my creative process. 

Thank you Lorraine, we're looking forward to the premiere of 'Just Breath' at Resolution on Thursday 16th January at The Place in London. Book your tickets here.


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