People: Illustrator Kyle Steed

Meet Kyle Steed and his world of hand-drawn bits and pieces. An illustrator from the north of Dallas, US with plenty of personal projects on the go you may of come across, from hand-drawn fonts to what Kyle refers to as ‘Steedicons’. Here is a few of them: Folly, Instaxagram and hand-drawn words.

We naturally thought we would interview Kyle, but after a few clicks around google it seems that many have already there before. So rather than waste his time, we thought we would do what we do best and post a collection of Kyle’s folio and leave the interviewing to these guys: NetMagazine, Casetagram, and Weld.

Check out Kyle’s blog where he is pretty open about his life from his faith in Jesus, to the battles of working in the creative industry or follow him on twitter.

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