Featured: Make Matters - Food Bank Poster Series

Featured: Make Matters - Food Bank Poster Series

Throughout the summer months we held a mini-exhibition featuring a short series of prints by Glasgow based, creative director Ed Watt and his self-initated project ​MakeMatters. The exhibition has been running throughout the summer at the home of the Creative Arts Network, New Community in south east London and is due to end this weekend. Not seen it yet? Below are a few prints from the mini-exhibition.

Watts set out to explore the relationship between creative projects with worthwhile causes, the vision was simple:

‘To MAKE things worth making and DO things worth doing’

With thousands of people right on our doorsteps across the UK still going hungry, these playful digitally illustrated prints hope to raise awareness and support local food banks who are bringing hope to people in desperate need. The simple, bold statements of line and shape question common brands we use and see everyday. You can read a little more about the project click here.

Prints can be purchased directly from MakeMatters. Prints costs £30 and 100% of the profit will go to the Trussel Trust which has food-banks all across the UK.

Follow them on twitter @makematters for news and updates. Ed also is a regular contributor to FormFiftyFive.

  • Images: Exhibited pieces
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