Featured: Making of ‘Keys to the City’ - Invisible Creature

Most creatives dream that one day their work would span the side of a building, fill a wall or be dangled somehow from the back of a plain. Whether it’s the desire for exposure or a belief in an idea or concept, most of us have to settle with our online folio.

For Seattle based print design studio Invisible Creature, that dream became a reality in summer 2012. This piece ‘Keys to the City,’ caught our attention not only because of its incredible ‘physical’ size, at 100 foot wide and 30 foot high. But the beautifully shot ‘making of film’ produced by Invisible Creature bothers Don and Ryan Clark giving us a nice little insight into the creative and production process.

Invisible Creature, which formed in 2006 have since received four Grammy nominations for music packaging, and have worked with clients such as Nike, New York Times, Wired, Sony, MTV and Warner Brothers - to name just a few.

Here’s a little extract from their blog about this piece:

‘Vulcan Real Estate commissioned us to create one of the biggest jobs we’ve worked on to date – literally: A 100′ x 30′ mural that faces one of their new Amazon.com buildings in the ever-growing ‘city-within-a-city’, South Lake Union. Home to Amazon HQ, fine dining, upscale living & shopping, South Lake Union is full of life, culture and colour. Our job was to reflect that with a vibrant and whimsical take on what ‘building a city’ could look like.This project presented a fun challenge: Taking digital art, scaling it way up and painting it traditionally without compromising quality and its original style/intent’.

Want more about Invisible Creature? Watch Don smashing a mirror whilst explaining ‘Why Jesus Loves Art’ on the Resurgence.

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