Inside Hue: Jelani Pomell - Exploring Self-Initiated Works (Part Two)

Inside Hue: Jelani Pomell - Exploring Self-Initiated Works (Part Two)

This is part two of an article that first appeared in our pilot issue of Hue Magazine: Outset. To purchase a copy of Hue, click here

'For me, initiating a self-directed project is an important way to express myself without the constraint of the client or a way to push new personal boundaries. My own projects allow me to experiment, collaborate learn new skills and take risks. Self initiated projects vary drastically. Sometimes I see something, an idea or a visual that I want to experiment with and add my own character and spin on it. It can sometimes be someone else’s story or idea that I want to tell through a different artistic medium. This is the beauty in self-initiated projects, the possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your desire and imagination.

These projects often help to inspire and stir up a passion and love that can sometimes be lost when working on only client-based work. I believe that self-directed projects help to build on personal dreams as it’s important to work on yourself and your purpose.

The process I often go through can be painstaking as I look for inspiration. I try not to rely too much on searching through the internet as I feel I draw real inspiration from conversation, travel and finding out about different cultures. I have come to the conclusion that to stand out as a photographer and videographer it can be very difficult, especially in a creative hub like London. Whilst an incredibly exciting place to learn, connect and create, finding an idea that sets you out and above competition is often challenging.

'We Are Between' is a new platform I am currently in the process of building. It is a platform in which I can output creative ideas, thoughts, questions, challenge perceptions, create concepts and tell untold stories. It gives me a chance to produce aspirational work and show potential clients what I am capable of making when I am given true freedom. It also allows me to build on a visual style or representation of myself and my work and it’s exhilarating.

One thing I have learnt is to stand for something. Something that makes you and your work unique. It is important to offer a different angle or perspective to any given brief, self-initiated project or idea. It is important to work out who you are and often you find 'yourself' through the type of work you produce. Two quotes that often inspire my journey are “that which you love, you must spend your life doing, as passionately and perfectly as you heart, mind and instincts allow” and “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

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