Featured: Our Common Mug - Blaine Hogan

Featured: Our Common Mug - Blaine Hogan

Created to keep you connected.

Our Common Mug was created by two best friends separated by 2,000 miles. While the distance was too great for tin cans and string, Blaine and Jarrod longed to feel closer.

'We made Our Common Mug so that we'd always be connected and now you can be too.'

Sold only in pairs (or more), one handcrafted mug ships directly to you, while the other embarks on a journey to your beloved, along with a special, handwritten note. Buy yours here.

Our Common Mug is for your best friend a world away, your grad about to leave home, or for your loved one on the other side of the kitchen table.

  • Made at HAAND by Mark Warren and Chris Pence