Featured: F A T U M - Boxhead & WMP Collaboration

Collaboration between sound and moving image is not unfamiliar for our senses. Whether a project begins to showcase primarily one or the other, they need to compliment each other, appreciate each other & most importantly serve each other. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to premier a powerfully bizarre short film which boasts such a strong visual and audible collaboration by David Sorley and Giles Smith from Leeds based creative practice Boxhead. Together with long-time collaborators Benjamin McAvoy and Kamal Kamruddin from music production and sound design company WMP.

From the first note of FATUM, you’re pulled in to an eerie world of awkwardness and miscommunication, which only tightens as the story unfolds. I was reminded of the feelings I used to have watching Mr. Bean films, where all I wanted to do was crash the scene to interrupt the catastrophe waiting to happen. FATUM so effortlessly drew me in that by the end I felt for both characters.

The film beautifully shows, visually, the fantasies and emotions of the characters played by Andrew Chevalier and Chloe Ewart. The middle section of the film turns very sinister as we see a glimpse of the inner workings of our couple. Her – Wanting the earth to swallow her up to and run away. Him – Dreaming of his perfect woman and imaginary relationship. As these two opposite spectrums collide the outcome is very messy.

For him, it is the beginning. For her, it is the end.    

The production of FATUM is of the highest quality and aids the story extremely well. It’s the little things that set this short above others, like the choice of camera angle making a seemingly innocent character feel intense and malicious. You can tell that this is something that was not rushed and had time spent on it to be perfected. As someone who loves film I really appreciate this in a short.

The backbone of the piece is really the music. It creates and sustains the world that we’re in. At no point does it take over but if you take time to focus on it’s presence it’s hard to stop. For a moment the music lifts and we as the audience are given hope! The sound is just as much a rollercoaster as the emotions of the characters and makes FATUM outstanding.

‘Originally the film’s intended purpose was to showcase what Ben and Kamal were capable of producing on a musical level, however the film ended up creating a bit of a life of it’s own and deservedly took over. Andrew and Chloe [Him & Her] were great to work with as were the rest of the cast and crew.’ Director - David Sorley

All-in-all FATUM is executed extremely well and has clearly been lovingly crafted. Separately the elements of the film are first-class and together create something that is worthy of recognition.

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