Featured: Heir Release Newday Remix: Alive with Worship

Following on from their recent debut project Years, Heir are back, this time with a remix of the Newday anthem ‘Alive With Worship’ and we’re excited to debut the song here on the Creative Arts Network.

We caught up with the man himself, the wonderfully bearded Pete Coggan.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is your first remix right?

That's correct. I've always enjoyed listening to remixes of songs and am amazed how individuals can hear & create such varying takes on one original idea. 

How did the process of making this differ to writing your own music?

The process varied somewhat because you are not starting with a blank sheet, you are beginning with a set of parts that already 'work' together, so it feels more like you are breaking something down to rebuild it again, which was a fun first for me and stretched me creatively. 

What inspires you in your art? What is it that drives you to make new music with each project?

The ability to move people emotionally inspires me to create. The idea that we are able to somewhat inspire, heal, challenge the listener through music is such an exciting prospect and will keep me creating for years & years to come. 

You and Becky Green recently released your debut EP as ‘Heir’, do you guys plan on doing a second project together?

Working with Becky was an amazing experience, she has such a gift at creating heartfelt piano pieces that move you as the listener, so it was a real privilege working alongside her to create 'Years'. Heir is unique in that it actually evolves with each album by collaborating with a different artist. I am currently thinking of who to collaborate with next but I know that I would want to continue to stretch myself musically and am excited to be unaware who how it sound. 

How did you first start making music?

I first picked up a guitar after watching our lodger at the time playing it every day and it fascinated me. I then joined a few bands at school playing electric guitar, just enjoying music with friends. 

What would your advice be to aspiring musicians, how would you encourage them?

The biggest lesson I've learnt and am still learning is to stop comparing myself to others, it's a lose lose game. We all have our own unique gifts and view of the world, so sing, produce & create using that unique voice. I found the best antidote to comparison is to celebrate, to actively celebrate and promote others over yourself creates in you humility and peace. The Father showed me a year back that He is lavish and has enough time, attention & love for ALL of his children, so there is no room for competition within the family of God. Celebrate others, simple but tough to do but go for it and see how the Father changes your heart :)

Where can people find your past catalogue of music?

You can find my debut solo EP 'Take Heart' on iTunes & Spotify, *it sounds better on iTunes ;). 

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