Review: Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition - Natural History Museum

Review: Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition - Natural History Museum

The large space in the grand setting of the NHM was so transformed, to exhibit one hundred different images, that at times it was possible to forget about the building you were in and be completely captivated by the stunning imagery; surely a curatorial success?

Whilst I was initially a little disappointed that the photographs were displayed on screens rather than as prints, I did, eventually, appreciate the way the backlighting seemed to add an extra dimension to the images; making the colours more stunning and adding a sparkle of life to many of the animals eyes.

The awards were divided into several different categories including among them those by children as young as 10 (all of whom could take a better photograph than many of us!)

One of my favourite images was ‘Light Show’ a peaceful scene by Sandra Bartocha in the ‘Creative Visions’ category. In this piece she manages to capture a moment of evening sunshine glowing through trees in a forest near her home. I want to put it on my wall!

It is incredible how the power of an image can provoke conversation, be it about how massive that crocodile is in real life, or about the cruelty shown to many animals in captivity. I could be particularly cheesy and describe the wonder and awe I sensed not just at the skill and patience of the photographers, but at the display of God’s beautiful creation; from the close up of sea coral under a microscope, to the lion sat in a tree, to the polar bear perched on fragmented ice. If you love photography or even if you can just appreciate a beautiful animal, I would encourage you to go and see the exhibition for yourself.

  • Photography credit: Paul Greenleaf
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