Editorial: Behind the Collective (Part Two)

Editorial: Behind the Collective (Part Two)

Part of serving the creative community is helping creatives set themselves up with folio space that showcases their work without them being judged only by their web skills.

Below are a few reasons why we set up the Collective. To apply for your profile click here.

1. No Charge

Collective members can use their folio spaces as their main website for free. There are no hosting charges.

2. Short Web URL: c-a-n.co

You don’t even have to worry about paying for your own domain name if you don’t want to. Our web shortener gives Collective members a simple URL depending on their user name. All you need to do is add your user name to: c-a-n.co. For example here’s how mine works: c-a-n.co/chrissmyth.

3. Unbranded space

To free the member’s profile of any Creative Arts Network branding when someone visits a profile the top tool bar disappears out of view.

4. Join a multi-disciplined community

Users also benefit from being part of a diverse online creative community without having to worry about layouts, SEO and hosting charges.

5. Upload work of any format

What makes the Collective completely unique from other platforms is that users can upload four different types of content to their profile. Video, image, audio or written. We worked hard on creating a platform that accepted all types of work. In short, it’s okay to be a short format writer, as well as a photographer, and display your work all in the same space.

The profile spaces are free, but you have to apply to be a part of the Collective. We simply want to make sure there are even numbers of different disciplines involved in the Collective.

Apply for your folio space here.

  • Image credit: Lonely Planet - Ben Hodges (Collective Member)
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