• What is the Creative Arts Network?

    The Creative Arts Network is a community made up of designers, photographers, illustrators, musicians, songwriters, developers, painters, artists, animators, dancers and others from a whole host of fields of visual and audio communication. A mix of both professionals and students, we want to explore the ‘bit in the middle’ where the church and creativity meet.

    In short, it’s a collective of creative people celebrating creativity. Our aim is to serve, showcase and train creative people, raising their employability prospects by hosting exhibitions, workshops and training courses.

  • Is all the work we’ll show here ‘religious’?

    Well, no. In fact we don’t believe that any artwork is by nature ‘religious’ or ‘sacred’. Creativity is creativity, it’s the concept and execution of a piece that’s important.

  • Do you have to be a Christian to be involved?

    Absolutely not. There’s no Christian agenda, we won’t be pushing any beliefs other than a real belief in creativity in all its shapes and forms. We just want to be clear that’s where The Creative Arts Network comes from.

  • Who runs the Creative Art Network?

    The Creative Arts Network editor is Chris Smyth. Chris is on staff full-time at New Community as Head of Creatives. He has a first class Design and Digital Design degree from Greenwich University, London, and after building his own design studio ‘We Are Draft’ for four years, took a job at his local church New Community to explore the ‘bit in the middle’ where the church and creativity meet. You can follow Chris on twitter @chrislukesmyth, visit his Collective profile at c-a-n.co/chrissmyth or ping him an email [email protected]

  • What is Monograph?

    Define: A detailed written study of a single specialised subject or an aspect of it.

    Monograph is full of topical and editorial content, such as interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring creative studios and feature pieces looking at creatives across a wide span of creative mediums. If you want to take our ‘One Minute Interview’ or have an interesting looking workspace, email [email protected]

  • What is Zine?

    Define: Is most commonly a small circulation of self-published work of original and/or appropriated texts and images.

    Zine is our little inspiration feed. From across the Collective and beyond, Zine is space where our editor Chris can have a bit of fun, featuring some of the best featured work users are uploading into the Collective and a few weekly features like ‘One to Watch’ and one of our favourite little regular features ‘Desk’. An opportunity to explore the workspaces and studio environments of creatives from across the world.

    Got something that you think is worth celebrating in Zine or want to your studio/workspace to be featured then email [email protected]

  • What is the Collective?

    The community/network side of the side is called the ‘Collective’. It exists to allow users to set up a profile and upload their work to the site. Creative’s are encouraged to take part in the online creative community by uploading their work, and engaging with others on the Collective by commenting and interacting with each other’s work.

    Users can use their Collective profile as their main portfolio space online.

  • How do I get my work on the Collective?

    Currently the Collective is in Beta testing and is operating under an ‘Invitation only policy’. To obtain an invite visit the Collective section of the site where you can apply.

  • I’ve applied to be a part of the Collective but haven’t heard anything

    Unfortunately due to the amount of ‘Invitation Requests’ we receive we can’t always guarantee to reply to each one. But if you are successful you will hear from us.

  • My profile has been deleted. What’s going on?

    Profiles will be deleted if users break the site rules or do not keep to our terms and conditions.

    Here are the site rules:

    1. No profanity or nudity in submissions.
    2. Comments should not be abusive. Constructive criticism is encouraged. (Let’s build a friendly but honest community)
    3. Only submit work you have personally worked on as an individual or part of a collective group. (Please credit others appropriately)
    4. Only upload submissions that you own the copyright for. (We won’t take that away! Your work will retain your copyright. It’s your work after all!)
    5. Accounts are strictly limited to individuals and creative studios that we deem appropriate. (You won’t find advertising agencies or anyone representing other creatives on here!)
    6. Going against the Terms and Conditions may result in termination of your account without warning. (Play nice and you won’t have a problem)
    7. Have fun, and join in the community!