Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Bellini, Caravaggio and Carracci. Do any of these names ring a bell?

​All of those names belong to artists whose most famous and well loved works reflected on, or explored the life of Jesus. Search for a few of them on the internet and you will undoubtedly be rewarded with some great artworks you’ve seen time and again. And not without good reason.

For the last few hundred years the contemporary art of the day was hugely inspired by ‘religion’. The Church was a hub of creativity and a centrepiece of inspiration. More paintings have been made of Jesus and more songs have been sung about him than any other man in history. However, fast forward to today and life looks very different. That’s why we’ve decided to create a network of creative people who might help balance things a little.

The Creative Arts Network is a community made up of designers, photographers, illustrators, musicians, songwriters, developers, painters, artists, animators, dancers and others from a whole host of fields of visual and audio communication. A mix of both professionals and students, we want to explore the ‘bit in the middle’ where the church and creativity meet. In short, it’s a collective of creative people celebrating creativity. Our aim is to serve, showcase and train creative people, raising their employability prospects by hosting exhibitions, workshops and training courses.

Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll even hold our own conference.



Is all the work we'll show here 'religious'

Well, no. In fact we don't believe that any artwork is by nature 'religious' or 'sacred'. Creativity is creativity, it's the concept and execution of a piece that's important.

Do you have to be a Christian to be involved?

Absolutely not. There's no Christian agenda, we won't be pushing any beliefs other than a real belief in creativity in all its shapes and forms. We just want to be clear that's where The Creative Arts Network comes from.

Meet the team

  • Chris Smyth profile image
    Chris Smyth profile image

    Chris Smyth

    Creative Director at New Community Church. Founder of the Creative Arts Network.


  • Aimee Basson profile image
    Aimee Basson profile image

    Aimee Basson

    Creative Arts Network Assistant Editor & Community Builder. Digital. Print. Strategy. UX. Designer. Writer. Thinker. London.


  • Sophie Lowen profile image
    Sophie Lowen profile image

    Sophie Lowen

    Loves Dance & Cello. The same. Maybe Dance a bit more. Sometimes. Heads up the Movement & Performance Arts team at the Creative Arts Network.


  • Hannah Vanderevennin profile image
    Hannah Vanderevennin profile image

    Hannah Vanderevennin

    Hannah is our intern here at the Creative Arts Network. She has recently graduated from Uni in Brighton and is now based in South East London.

So, would you like to get involved? All it takes is a desire to make things happen and, of course, your creativity.

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